Beach Career

MARINA ROMA (ITA) - El Charro Series

Emanuele Badà Monduzzi started playing beach volleyball end 80s falling in love with beach volleyball after attending to international event staged in Marina Romea (Ravenna, Italy), hometown beach, in 1986-1987.

Event was an "El Charro Series" the international tour from which born first official Fivb World Tour.

Marina Romea is still today hometown beach and Badà's favourite venue ever.



Emanuele Badà Monduzzi started playing beach volleyball local events beg of 90s in local events.

In 1995 he did his debut in pro event stage in Sottomarina di Chioggia (Venice) named Lipton Ice Tour.

In 1996 he did his international event at the Fivb World Tour (at that time named as World Championship Series) staged in Durban (South Africa) scoring first victory against Angola team in qualification.



Then he started to play regularly on FIVB and CEV events joining FIVB World Ranking combining trip with partecipation in foreign national tour.

Due to change in registration political procedure issued by Italian Federation (who decided to register to international competition only teams belonging to National Team and not anymore private teams), in 1999 he made an agreement with San Marino Federation (who had special regime and rules for italian players) starting to play under IOC code of SMR.

In 2001 he ranked 5th in an international competition FIVB Satellite Event staged in Beirut (Lebanon) becoming best historical result for San Marino Federation ever for several years and his best position ever.

In 2001 he ranked 9th in another international official event FIVB Satellite Event in Pfaffikon-Zurich (Switzerland) allowing him to raise up FIVB World Ranking.

In 2002 he was 202° becoming his best position ever in FIVB World Ranking.



In 2004 he stopped to play for San Marino Federation joining for 3 years professional tour named ProSeries.

In 2008 he stopped playing taking one year off from national and international competition.

In 2009 he was back again starting to train in order to be back in international competition.

In 2010 he qualified twice in European Championship in events staged in Pafhos (Cyprus) and in (Liechtestein)

Way back to international competition was drastically interrupted on March 2016 due to serious injured occurred during training: on 12 March 2016 Emanuele Monduzzi broke his achille's tendeon during local competition and he was obliged to undergo major surgery. In consequence he was obliged to cancel his partecipation to all forthcoming events including World Tour going to be staged in Cincinnati (USA) which was focus of the season.


After 7 month of rehabilitation he was back again. First international event to which attended was the Fivb World Tour staged in Kish Island (Iran).

Meantime Emanuele Monduzzi founded and established his beach volleyball school in Ravenna trying to develope this sport at any level.


During last period he still playing in international competition mainly FIVB World Tour 1 Star events.

At present stage he played in 19 FIVB World Tour events and 9 CEV European events.




Seasonal Team Mate

    FIVB World Ranking

    • 202° : best position ever in World Ranking FIVB (31.12.2002)
    • 592° : position in FIVB World Ranking 2013 (16.12.2013)
    • 326° : position in FIVB World Ranking 2017 (30.09.2017)