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Baden (AUT) Aug 2023

Finally 2023 beach volleyball season started! Monduzzi-Morichelli were in Baden Bei Wien (AUT) for playing WorldTour event. Match lost in the qualification against Huber-Friedl (AUT). Season extremely complicated started very late due to injury and teammate parternship. Thanks to Federico - Fedone - Morichelli for this spot adventure. 


Ravenna (ITA) Mar 2023

New season is coming and looking for 2023 Fivb VW Calendar.

Relevant news for team-mate and staff are coming: Emanuele Monduzzi will not play 2023 season with Davide Boncompagni. New Coach is coming as well, Giorgio Zauli will not be anymore Coach of team leaded by Emanuele Monduzzi  "Thanks to JoJo who helped us to reverse course of our 2022 season, I'll forever esteem Giorgio for his passion, professionalism and dedition. But now it's time to look for new goads".

New partner and coach will be announced soon.


Laigueglia (ITA) Oct 2022

ITA team Monduzzi/Boncompagni ranked 9th at international "WEVZA beach volleyball event presented by Rivera Beach Volley" held in Laigueglia (SV, Italy) last 7-9 October 2022.

WEVZA teams were from BEL-FRA-NED-ITA and tournament was assigning points valid for Fivb World ranking.

Now, as per ranking dated 11.10 Monduzzi/Boncompagni are currently 284° in the team Fivb World ranking

Foto Credits: BVT


Montpellier (FRA) Aug 2022

ITA team Monduzzi/Boncompagni joined Montpellier (FRA) in order to play qualifications in World Tour Future event. Qualification match was against Takahashi/Furuta (JPN) with final score 0-2 (13-21, 16-21). 


Ljubjana (SLO) Jul 2022

Second international event for ITA team Monduzzi/Boncompagni held last week in Ljubjana (SLO).

Team lost in first qualification against Vandecaveye/Vandecaveye (BEL) 0-2 (10-21 14-21) who ranked 2nd at the end of tournament.

"After not positive trip to Poland, our main target was to be alive in the court traying to find our game since we know that we were far from final result vs BEL. We are partially satisfied and we have to thank our coach Giorgio Zauli for prompt & professional assistance during the event.

We have also the possibility to train against SLO & NOR teams before the competition. It's always a pleasure to join Slovenjia where I have several friends who are still remembering myself."


Bialystok (POL) Jun 2022

Finally back on tour with first event planned in eastern Poland in Bialystok. ITA team composed by Monduzzi/Boncompagni has been defeated by CHN team HA Likejiang/Wu Jiaxin on first round of Qualifications. Despite bad result and approx condition of both players, it was necessary to partecipate in order to rescue important world ranking points valid for further event.


Ravenna (ITA) May 2022

BeachVolleyball season officially started last March 2022 in Mexico with first event of new format appointed by FIVB named ProTour instead historical one named WorldTour. We'll keep naming it as WorldTour.

Emanuele Monduzzi will begin his 26th year of international competition playing 4 events in 2022 calendar. Badà will play with Davide Cabal Boncompagni but team will be open to Giorgio Jojo Zauli as well, these three players will combine each other.

Calendar will be focus on Futures Event the former World Tour 1 Star. Basic idea is to join Jordan, Poland, Turkey and of course Italy.


Nimega (NED) Septeember 2021

It was 2016: everything was running perfectly, close to top shape, ready to start work with quite famous brazilian coach, fixed flight tickets to Cincinnati (USA) going to stage World Tour in May...but ... suddendly in March durring a training local tournament in San Marino, Achille's Tendeon say goodbye! One of subseguent phone call was to the "Cabal" alias Davide Boncompagni informing sadly that plan to USA has to be aborted but also promosing that one tournamente - sooner or later - will follow.

Now 2021: finally Emanuele "Badà" Monduzzi and Davide "Cabal" Boncombagni back on tour for World Tour 1 Star planned in Nijmegen (NED) playing qualifations.

Result of QT : ITA -CAN 0-2  Daniel Dearing / Ivan Reka (Q7)  8-21, 14-21 (0:32)

Monduzzi and Boncompagni decided to play also 2022 together.


Cortegaca (Portugal). August 2021.

WorldTour 1Star in Cortegaca (POR) on the way back to Italy after loosing vs POL (0-2 12-21 13-21) in Qualification Tournament . So did we enjoy? Yes, of course. Now it's time to say goodbye to Alberto Moro who has to go forward with his own legs with youngest partner. First part of mission accomplished.

Now back to training with coach Giorgio Zauli for next international events.


Rokiskis (LTU) July 2021. Emanuele Monduzzi and Alberto Moro ranked 13th at international Eevza event staged in Rokiskis (Lituania) last 9-10-11 of July and valid for international Fivb ranking. 

Lõhmus/Korotkov EST [6] Monduzzi/Moro ITA [11] 2-0 (21-14, 21-13)

Petravicius/Vaskelis LTU [14] Monduzzi/Moro ITA [11] 2-0 (21-14, 21-11)

It's was first tournament after very long idleness period, for Emanuele Monduzzi was the 29s visited country for beach volleyball whilst for youngest Alberto Moro was his international debut.

Gold medal of the tournament goes to Goncharov/Arkhipov (RUS) in final match against Florczyk/Prudel (POL).

Very warm hospitality by the Organizing Committee and Municipality of Rokiskis.


Ravenna (ITA) May 2021. Giorgio Zauli, one of the best player ever in Ravenna area and former partner of Emanuele Monduzzi, has been appointed as Coach of team Monduzzi/Moro. Giorgio Zauli has decided to take one year off playing and to become coach of the team.

Trainings are used to take place at CocoLoco Beach in Marina di Ravenna, one of the main location of PowerBeach Sport Co.

Still under defination the calendar of the events since most of Fivb events are used to be fullybooked.



Ravenna (ITA) April 2021. Emanuele Monduzzi is back on training for preparing new international season still affected by covid-19. Fivb World Tour calendar has been announced with few events at disposal and several teams involved, becoming very hard to be admitted to each events.

Emanuele Monduzzi has fixed also his teammate: expert Davide Boncompagni and young Alberto Moro will alternate each other. Maybe other young players will join Emanuele Monduzzi, since the main target is to allow to youngest players, belonging to same PowerBeach sport club, to make their first international points.


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