Why Beach Volley?


Since beach volleyball joined Olympic Games Official Program, it has established a big opportunity to all who want to take advantage of this fact through exhibitions, tour and international events.

Beach volleyball is offering an important marketing return on investement because it's one of the most popular sport - not only on beaches - worldwide and its improving its media coverage year by year.

Beach Volley and Emanuele Monduzzi


Beach Volleyball is mostly played during Summer time when the other popular sports (as soccer, basketball, indoor volleyball) are on holiday and this is one of the reason of such development.

Emanuele Monduzzi is used to play in top international events followed by several media.

Emanuele Monduzzi is used to be always at disposal of press, televisions and he's taking care of personal sponsor exposure directly or through his marketing agency.

Beach Volley and Media

Olympic Games in London 2012 confirmed again hugee beach volleyball numbers:

- Ticketing 15.000 sold out.

- 379.764 spectators on the venue

- one of the most televised sports at the Games

- NBC recorded 29.1 million viewers for the women gold medal match.







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